Custom Work

Picking what woods you would prefer in your chosen type of box is not necessarily a custom order – prices are often the same as shown in the On Hand Gallery.

A surcharge may apply for hard to find woods regardless of their price since we can spend hours tracking uncommon woods down if we don’t have it in stock. We can also spend hours reconfiguring our standard sizes. For urns, the volume is important. Cubic inches will be helpful. 

If you are interested in a custom box please remember that what you see here is work that we have endeavored to produce efficiently while not sacrificing quality. Those efficiencies are not as easily obtained with custom work and may result in higher prices. These comments apply mostly to our large “jewelry” boxes. Our other, simpler boxes are much more easily customized.

As for customizing the interior, almost anything is possible. The layout in our large boxes with tray on top of dividers is somewhat of a compromise between some people wanting nothing, some wanting everything. I frequently tell customers to live with the piece for a while and if they need a specific layout to give us a call. It's fairly rare that the standard configuration doesn't work. All our other boxes are empty (besides the bottom UltraSuede liner) but can be fitted with dividers and tray as needed if the box is large enough. If you do not need the tray and dividers in our standard “jewelry” boxes we will deduct $40.00 from the price. This also applies to "watch" boxes.

Turnaround for custom orders depends on the season – a few weeks before Christmas may be very tough but be sure to email us – we are flexible.

Can we make 40 small wood boxes by next Friday? Probably not…depends on timing and size, and what we have on hand though, so contact us and we'll see! We really only make what we are interested in making…if you need a large quantity of boxes that aren’t remotely similar to ours we probably won’t be interested (but thanks for the thought).

For custom orders, information on ordering our regular work or comments on our work, please email us or phone us at 208-345-6384. Orders may be paid with check or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover). All prices include shipping within continental US.