Customer Testimonials

When we ship our work to customers we include a reply postcard with check boxes as you can see above. We did receive a Less than Expected once because the box we sent didn't look like the one on our (overly saturated color) business card. No Uh-ohs yet. Otherwise, read what many of our customers have to say! Our added remarks are in italic.

  • Our boxes arrived safely and are even more beautiful in person! They are truly stunning! I will send a few pictures soon. Thank you for your art and your contribution to our newly decorated home. You will probably be hearing from me again soon. I will be sharing your information with our interior designers in Austin.

  • Excellence Through Integrity - I feel so blessed to have been able to purchase one of your incredible, heirloom quality wood boxes for my wife. The excellent craftsmanship is beyond words, expertly designed with amazing details and a finish that shines like the sun. The integrity in which your company is run explains the excellence in the craftsmanship of the boxes and phenomenal customer service that is unequaled, it is very clear to me that you are very passionate about every detail and it shows. To say that my wife and myself are "Thrilled" really is understated, I'm so grateful to both of you that saying thanks doesn't seem enough, but from both of us thanks so much.

    (WOW! Best testimonial ever.)

    Sincerely, J.L. and P.L, Largo, FL

  • Thrilled. As always, a beautiful box - a miniature piece of art. My office has become a showroom for your wonderful work. Thank you again.

    R.H., Rochester, NH

  • Thank you for providing us with this perfect gift! (Pao Ferro with Black Palm EBox) It’s gorgeous and just what we were looking for—for this very special occasion gift. We will be proud to gift it! Thank you!

    C.R., Keller, TX

  • Thrilled. This is a beautiful piece of fine woodworking. (Large Double Decker Walnut Burl in Pao Ferro.) It will be enjoyed and appreciated for the rest of my life.

    S.H., Magalia, CA

  • Michael, the box arrived safety. I had a huge problem with the packing. The box was packed so nicely, that I did not feel like opening the wrapping! The box looks beautiful. I am very happy with it. (A custom box for aromatic oils bottles.)

    I.S., Astoria, NY

  • Michael, I just opened the package (very well wrapped, by the way) and the box is absolutely beautiful!!! I am so glad to have this and your help in making this happen is very, very appreciated! Thank you again and I look forward to hopefully seeing you in Bend in the months ahead. (Box was for a pet urn.)

    D.S, Bend, OR

  • It arrived, and it's gorgeous. We love it! Thank you!

    L.H., Houston, TX

  • Thrilled. Our daughter loves the box. You make a beautiful product. Thank you!

    R.P, Irvine, CA

  • Thrilled, More than expected. I really love the beautiful artistry you create with this organic medium.

    G.P., St Louis, MO

  • Thrilled. Thank you very much for the beautiful box you made for me! I love it!! Happy New Year,

    M.M., St. Leonard, MD

  • What I expected. Fourth box to pass through or stay in our house. Have 3 here and this one going out as a Christmas gift. Love your work!

    J.C., El Dorado Hills, CA

  • Thrilled, More than expected. Person who received this truly loved the wood and how it was made. (Walnut with Spalted Maple, Pink Eucalyptus EBox)
    C.M., Woodcliff Lake, NJ

  • Thrilled, What I expected. Great craftsmanship. Communication is stellar. Thank you!

    P.P., Austin, TX

  • Thrilled. I've looked over two years for the perfect box. Finally found it! Beautiful workmanship.
    R.K., Rockville. MD

  • Thrilled, More than expected. Glad you could fix the old box and much appreciate the new one. Thank you.

    A.K., Mount Pleasant, WI

  • Thrilled. It is very beautiful. Thank you so much for your recommendation.
    P.M., Ocean View, DE

  • Thrilled. Box arrived on time and well packed. Love it so much. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband of 52 years said to buy it. I'm pretty careful about spending money. This is a purchase I'll be able to pass on to a son or granddaughter when the time comes. I've looked over 2 years for the perfect box. Finally found it! Beautiful workmanship. (Shedua and Royal Palm EBox)
    J.G., Sun City West, AZ

  • Thrilled. Perfecto!
    P.K., Arlington, VA

  • Thrilled. Gorgeous! Beautiful contrast in color and texture.
    B.D., Columbus, OH

  • Thrilled. My wife loved the gift!
    P.B., Cincinnati, OH

  • Hi Michael, I've just seen the box and it is stunning. Again, wonderful work. A special piece. (Wood & Brass box purchased as a gift.)

  • Thrilled, More than expected, What I expected (All three!) The box is what I expected based on the online photo, but it is also more than I expected. It's exquisitely made. Thank you.
    B.B, Natick, MA

  • Michael, I received the package earlier this afternoon. The boxes are simply magnificent and I love them! Both are stunning and I have no doubt that my nieces will keep them close and cherish them for a long time to come. Thank you so much. I'm traveling in the morning. Please forgive me for not returning your postcard immediately.
    Best, B.M., Norfolk, VA

  • Hello Michael, The box is absolutely splendid. I'm in awe, it is so beautiful. Thank you.
    C.R., Grand Forks, ND

  • Mike, The two bubinga boxes (E-Boxes) are absolutely gorgeous! Outstanding fit and finish with beautiful craftsmanship throughout. They are a treasure to hold and look fantastic in my home office. I may well be looking to add a third box to the same room in the next month or so and will be sure to contact you in that event. Thanks again for the lovely boxes.
    M.H., Rochester, NH

  • Thrilled. This is the third box I've purchased as a gift and I just love them! Thank you !
    R.F., Bermuda Dunes, FL

  • Thrilled/What I Expected. Dee, I finally got to offer the ring spider box. It was graciously accepted and loved. Thank you for being part of it!
    P.L., Fort Collins, CO

  • Thrilled. The workmanship is impeccable! A work of art. Thanks,
    B. and J., Tustin, CA

  • Thrilled. My husband gave me the jewelry box as an early Valentine's Day gift - I absolutely love it! The wood is just beautiful & the craftsmanship is excellent. Having a "one of a kind", hand-crafted piece is very special!
    K.W., Chuluota, FL

  • Thrilled. Thanks so much for your beautiful work. My mother loved her present!
    S.R., New York, NY

  • Thrilled. Amazing workmanship - she won't let me re-wrap to put under the tree!
    T.S., Madison, WI

  • Thrilled. What a great box! The craftsmanship, fit and finish are excellent. I love the grains and patterns you chose. The two of you make a wonderful and unique artistic team. What a great box!
    H.L., Olive Branch, MS

  • Thrilled. We just really enjoy your work!! Love the leopardwood boxes!! Many thanks.
    P.E., Vero Beach, FL

  • Thrilled. The box is gorgeous! It has amazing craftsmanship and the wood is perfect. John (my future husband) will be thrilled!
    K.H., Durham, NC

  • Thrilled. Absolutely love the box! Very nice craftsmanship. Hope to see you at the upcoming Wichita Art Festival!
    D.H, Wichita, KS

  • Thrilled. Superb craftsmanship! I appreciate the work, time and effort you put in to create this.
    B.E., Lake Forest, IL

  • Thrilled. The Spline box is awesome. The fit and finish is beautiful. Your website is saved on my computer for a future purchase!
    S.E., Reading, PA

  • Michael and Dee, The box arrived Wednesday on time. Not sure what impressed me most, the box or the way you wrapped it. My son Craig is a true perfectionist and was very impressed with fit, finish, overall quality, etc. Smiles all around. He may decide to adjust the spacers on the top shelf and possibly add another shelf above the bottom - if he chooses to keep part of his knife collection in it. Should we need any changes, adjustments, etc., we will be in touch. In the meantime, you have made some folks very happy. Be well and hope to see you again at the show next year, if not sooner.
    R. L., CA

  • Thrilled. I bought the spline box sight unseen. The work is exquisite and I am so pleased to give it as a gift. The service was flawless too. Thank you for putting your beautiful work into the world.
    P.R., Glendale, CA

  • Michael and Dee, The box has arrived safely and it is stunning! Two of your beautiful boxes in the house now; I will save my nickels and dimes so someday I can purchase one for myself! I really like the wood that looks like tiger fur. Thank you again, and Merry Christmas.
    R.R., Henderson, NV

  • More than satisfied. It could not look better than it's photo as the web work was so good. I think I enjoy best the details you chose - and did not choose. You let the workmanship speak. There's no little chain for the lids, no mirror, it is beautiful and will last a lifetime. I'd buy from you again!
    A.M., Shoreline, WA

  • More than satisfied. This is the second wooden box we have ordered from you and I am delighted with both. They are beautiful and elegant. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    A.F., Columbus, OH

  • Thrilled. Beautiful box - this is for my son for Christmas. I'm sure he will absolutely love it - a place to put his special things.
    R.R., Henderson, NV

  • Thrilled, more than satisfied. Obviously - we love your work - again and again! Have sent the pair of Zebrawood boxes as wedding gifts.
    B.B., Moab, UT

  • Thrilled. As nice a finish that I have seen and I have many, many boxes. Thanks.
    E.M.K., Santa Rosa Beach, FL

  • Thrilled. Thanks so much. I've been searching for two years and have at last found a gift worthy of our wedding. Kindly,
    J.B., Dunlap, IL

  • Thrilled. The Pomelle Sapele is a great compliment to the Walnut. [Customer also gave a "What I expected"] Since I own a Claro Walnut box of yours from years ago, I had very high expectations and you succeeded in meeting them. Thanks,
    M.K., Glenwood Springs, CO

  • My husband and I first saw your beautiful work in Sedona [Geoffrey Roth Ltd in Tlaquepaque] in November of 2005…a trip which ended in our engagement. I've loved the look and design of your boxes since that trip and now to have this unique piece of art in my home means so much. Thank you so much,
    A.H., Waltham, MA

  • Mr. FedEx knocked on the door this evening at 7 p.m. with an Idaho-labeled package :-> The stilt box is so beautifully different. And, I rather like being able to turn it around to get two very different aesthetics. So, thank you again for another work of art.

  • The box is fabulous. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. The Bird's Eye Maple with the metal trim is stunning.
    [This was a maple double-decker with aluminum accents rather than the black.]
    R.H., Harrisburg, PA

  • It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even my wife who is not into this stuff, was amazed at the beauty and the craftsmanship. She said "Who IS this guy ?" She is typically very traditional, and even she loved the metal wood combination. Anyways, thank you so much. I have waited a long time to find the right piece, and am glad I waited. I just bought a bookcase, and am interested in creating some unique smaller boxes to be placed in them. Will measure and email you, to get your thoughts.

  • As an orthodontist, guitar and piano player, I have always had great respect for those who have the gift of not only working with their hands, but being able to translate vision into crafted beauty. You have that gift, and I am glad I that I am able to be a recipient of it. Finally, on a more mundane subject, how do I care for the wood. As a matter of fact, I have a lot of wood, including a large piece of Claro Walnut that is the top of my desk. Any suggestions on cleaners or finishers (probably not wax). I feel I should be nourishing the wood. [Our boxes don't really need any care outside of dusting. 0000 steel wool handles any scratches, followed by buffing with a soft cotton cloth.]
    L.S., Potomac, MD

  • Thrilled. The finished product was superb when it arrived. It has been a pleasure talking to you in the process of deciding woods and styles, etc. We are quite pleased.
    T.S., Plymouth, MI

  • Thrilled. An incredibly beautiful gift. One that I could not have imagined. [This response is from the gift receiver. The giver's response is below.]
    M.M., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

  • More than expected. Package arrived today. Thank you for your promptness. Both boxes appear unscathed from their long trip and are more beautiful and striking than the photos indicate (no offense to the photographer). The pieces are warm and imbued with the spirit of the wood and of the artists who understood the wood. My joy must be second only to yours - the creators of the jewelry box and its guardian stilt "man." Thank you for spending the time with me on the phone.
    N.M., Grosse Pointe Park, MI

  • More than expected. Thanks for the return option - gladly, I won't need to use it.
    S.S., St. Louis, MO

  • More than expected. Thank you! The box is more beautiful than we expected. Excellent craftsmanship! Happy Holidays!
    P.C., New York, NY

  • Less than expected
    Yikes! Our first "Less than expected"! Turns out the box was supposed to resemble the Claro Walnut box on our business card so we made one of Claro Walnut but didn't take into consideration that that photo on the card is very red - more so than Claro walnut could ever be. Our fault. In any case, the customer wants to keep it as it's grown on him. Of course, we always offer to make a new box or offer a refund if our customers are not satisfied. We have remade a few boxes and have refunded the one time it was requested. The box was just too small. We aim to please!

  • Thrilled. I was so surprised that the custom box arrived in time for Christmas! And, it is spectacular…I just love it! You guys went above and beyond. Thank you so much
    S.M., Mill Valley, CA

  • Michael, I just wanted to let you know that "Stilt" box arrived yesterday afternoon in fine condition (beautiful wrap job incidentally). It's really a lovely piece, just right for the use I intended for it, and perfectly sized. Hope to see you next year at the St. Louis Art Fair.
    Thanks again,
    E.M., St. Louis, MO

  • Michael, I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the beautiful work of yours that I received. The group of stilt boxes is currently being displayed at my best friend's home in a wonderfully striking area, which I will be taking a photo of and emailing to you soon. Also, the Something Special… I cannot even begin to express the beauty and wonderful craftmanship of the piece. Simply stunning. I can't seem to take my eyes off of it, and I have passed your web site around to everyone I know that would appreciate it, including a few professional designers, so expect some more orders from Boston!
    C.H., Jamaica Plain, MA

  • Thrilled. Thanks so much. The recipe box and napkin box are perfect and look great in my kitchen with our new cabinets. We are now on our 'second generation' of your boxes."
    J.B., Charlotte, NC

  • Dear Dee and Michael, the new box arrived on Valentine's Day. It is just wonderful. We all do so appreciate the time you take to get things right: the careful matching of wood grains around corners and top to bottom, for example. Just beautiful. You will probably hear soon from another member of our family. She has begun to ask what those boxes cost, where we got them, etc. etc. Thank you again for accepting the return box and crafting one especially for Mary. They both have places of honor in her living room."
    S.H., Fountain Valley, CA

  • Thrilled. Thanks for your prompt service - I was able to get exactly what I wanted, not just what was available. Both boxes were gifts and were very well received - I hope someone remembers that I would like one!
    L.M., Austin, TX

  • Hi Michael, The box made it on time. Thank you very much very putting forth the extra effort to make sure it arrived on time. My wife loved it. It is a beautiful box. The birds eye maple is her favorite wood and she loves the quilted maple; she has never seen it before. I will definitely recommend your boxes to anybody that I know is interested. Thank you again for holding to your commitment to complete and ship it on time.
    S.M., Frederick, MD

  • Michael, I just had to write you to tell you the box arrived on Valentine's Day (very fitting). It is absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job for me, right down to the brass plaque. The whole thing is just fabulous. Thank you for working with me, and for sharing your skill and eye for beauty with the rest of us!
    S.B., Kirkland, WA

  • Michael and Dee, I received the box yesterday, wrapped up tight as it was. Thanks so much for making it in time for Christmas. Dee, your suggestion to match the chechen burl with the cherry was wonderful!!! The box is both have such a gift. It was a pleasure to work with you…… Hope you and yours have a happy Christmas and a bright New year!
    J.C., Amherst, MA

  • Dear Dee, The package arrived from you a few days ago in fine shape. Whoever packed it (you?) did a terrific job. The jewelry box is now on my dresser and the other container, should I call it, is in our living room. We're going to enjoy having them around very much.
    L.L. Queenstown, MD

  • I'd like to apologize for not writing sooner to say thanks and to congratulate you once more. For the jewelry box you made for my wife was every bit as beautiful as the ones in the pictures on your web page. Our Anniversary was great. Everything came out really nice and your box was a key part of the present I gave my wife. Thanks again and I look forward to having you make something for us in the future.
    L.C. Miami, FL