Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to find Hamilton/Roberts Designs Fine Woodworking!

For 30+ years Michael Hamilton and Dee Roberts have been handcrafting elegant wood boxes, along with cabinets and shelves for the wall and even urns (for pets too), using many domestic, rare and exotic woods here in Boise, Idaho. By "handcrafted" we mean that we use traditional methods and standard woodworking tools - table saw, planer, jointer, etc, along with many hand tools. No CNC machines, lasers or other computer aided tools, no outside contractors or pre-made parts. Heck, at the end of the process we even hand sand, hand rub out with very fine steel wool and hand polish with a cotton cloth. Our trademark seems to be the gently domed lid and the slightly tapering sides - not flat and not square as most boxes are.  What kind of boxes? Beautiful, unique, elegant, dare we say heirloom boxes? We think so and hope our visitors will too. Our customers certainly seem to agree. In fact here is a recent testimonial that blew us away:

“Excellence Through Integrity - I feel so blessed to have been able to purchase one of your incredible, heirloom quality wood boxes for my wife. The excellent craftsmanship is beyond words, expertly designed with amazing details and a finish that shines like the sun. The integrity in which your company is run explains the excellence in the craftsmanship of the boxes and phenomenal customer service that is unequaled, it is very clear to me that you are very passionate about every detail and it shows. To say that my wife and myself are "Thrilled" really is understated, I'm so grateful to both of you that saying thanks doesn't seem enough, but from both of us thanks so much”

Sincerely, J.L. and P.L, Largo, FL

We prefer to sell our work directly to our customers from our website (free shipping in continental US) but you can also find our work (and talk person to person!) at half a dozen or so art festivals each year although we have cut back drastically this year. A few select fine craft galleries also carry our boxes, in particular The Real Mother Goose in Portland, OR and The Wood Merchant in La Connor, WA.

If you would like to be reminded of upcoming shows, occasional discounts on our work, etc. please sign up for our very infrequent newsletter (honest) or just send us email

Not ready to purchase now? Until you are, you can see how we make our woodwork using everything from aluminum to ziricote in our much too small workshop located in the back yard in a Model T era garage. We have a list of other woodworkers, artists, fine craftspeople, museums, suppliers, etc on our links page

We fairly often make custom boxes or adapt standard ones for a specific use like urns for people and pets. Check this page for details. 

Go here to search our website. Just want to give us a call? Dial 208-345-6384 and immediately press "1" to by-pass recording.

“An object reaches perfection within its genre when it fulfills its intended purpose. There can be no conflict between beauty and utility. An object is beautiful if its form is the full expression of its function.” Paul Souriau, 1904


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of our work. The trust and confidence you have shown us, by collecting our work, has allowed us to to earn a living as full-time craftspeople for the past 30+ years. It is a challenging career choice, especially these days, but the opportunity to bring a bit of beauty into others’ lives through our woodworking continues to be greatly rewarding. 

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