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Why wood boxes? It seems there’s something universal about boxes. We’ve been hooked on them for a while now…our biography explains how we came to be making boxes after “retiring” from clay and moving to wood 30 odd years ago. Few of the thousands of people we’ve watched inspect our wood boxes at art festivals can resist opening them in the off-chance that there is a surprise hidden inside although they know the interior of each is the same. I’m sure the same thing happens in our retail galleries. And we’ve now expanded into wall shelves which have drawers rather than boxes, but maybe that’s almost the same…

We always hope that people who purchase our wood boxes, the wall shelves and other containers will become attached enough to use them to hold articles close to them in one way or another from the precious to the mundane. Seems to work – we’ve had enough customer comments to know that most do.

Head here if you need custom work or have questions about customizing anything. Not interested in a purchase now? Until you are, you can see how we make our boxes using everything from aluminum to ziricote in our tiny (under 400 s.f.) shop and sign up for our very infrequent newsletter or just send us email. We have a list of other woodworkers, artists, fine craftspeople, museums, suppliers, etc on our links page. And finally, visit our new blog. We’ll be adding interesting shop tips, travel tidbits, and anything else we find interesting.












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Customer Comments

I was so surprized that the custom box arrived in time for Christmas! And, it is spectacular…I just love it! You guys went above and beyond. Thank you so much. — S.M., Mill Valley, CA