My Favorite Sawhorses

This is repeat of a post I made several years ago on my old website. I love these sawhorses. I've made three sets of two over the years. The first set finally fell apart - they were doweled and sat out in the Idaho weather too much. The second set I gave to some friends. Maybe not the most muscular in the world but plenty strong for my uses. Pretty cheap too. Each sawhorse takes a couple of hemlock 8 foot 1x4's and five hinges. Floating tenons are quick enough and durable but many other joining techniques could be used. I use my Multi-Router and it's a snap. Use Titebond III (waterproof) and you are good for many years. The only caveat is the top two hinges are somewhat vulnerable to eating a circular saw blade if you're not careful. The hinge wouldn't survive it very well either so be careful. Actually it would be rare that you'd be cutting toward them anyway. The best thing about this sawhorse design is that they close perfectly flat with a quick upward thrust - the top and middle stretcher hinges close and it collapses. Use a kind of opposite motion to snap them open. If your hinges are stiff or misaligned this won't work as well.